A Step Ahead Performing Arts Studio 

Winter 2018 Mini Session Class Schedule

Classes begin January 8th, 2018. Enrollment for Winter 2018 is OPEN!

First StepsBallet/TapAge 3Begins 03/08/18
Thursday 4:15-5:00pmPink RoomMs. Maddie

Dancing Guys & DollsBallet/TapAges 4-5

Saturday12:00-12:55pmPink RoomMs. Cameron

Mini Hip-Hop
Ages 4-6

Wednesday6:30-6:55pmPink RoomMs. Whitney

Kids Hip-Hop
Ages 7-10

Monday7:00-7:45pmBlue RoomMs. Cameron

Teen Hip-Hop
Ages 11+

Tuesday7:30-8:15pmTheaterMs. Whitney


Fall 2017 Weekly Class Schedule
Classes begin August 14th, 2017. Enrollment for Fall 2017 is CLOSED. 

Ballet BabiesCreative Movement/BalletAge 2

Tuesday4:30-4:55pmPink RoomMs. Maddie
Wednesday5:30-5:55pmPink RoomMs. MaddieFULL
Thursday5:45-6:10pmPink RoomMs. MaddieFULL

First StepsBallet/TapAge 3

Monday6:00-6:45pmPink RoomMs. MaddieFULL
Tuesday5:00-5:45pmPink RoomMs. Maddie
Saturday10:00-10:45amPink RoomMs. Cameron

Dancing Guys & DollsBallet/TapAges 4-5

Monday5:00-5:55pmPink RoomMs. MaddieFULL
Tuesday6:00-6:55pmPink RoomMs. Bernice
Saturday11:00-11:55amPink Room

Ms. Cameron


Dancing Dudes & DivasBallet/Tap/JazzAges 6-7

Tuesday6:00-7:25pmTheaterMr. S/Ms. W/Ms. B

Adv. Dudes & Divas#Ballet/Tap/JazzAges 6-7

Tuesday4:30-5:55pmBlue RoomMs. A/Ms. W/Mr. S*Enrollment is by invitation only.

Mini AcroDance*
Ages 5-7
Monday5:00-5:30pmTheaterMr. Samir

Mandatory Co-Requisite 

Dancing Guys & Dolls or Dancing Dudes & Divas

Munchkin Hip-Hop
Ages 3-4

Thursday5:15-5:45pmPink RoomMs. W/Ms. M

Mini Hip-Hop
Ages 5-7

Thursday5:45-6:30pmPurple RoomMs. Whitney

Mini Musical Theater
Ages 5-7

Thursday6:30-7:15pmTheaterMs. Tori

Technical Division Ballet
Ages 8-18

Tuesday5:30-6:25pmBlue RoomMs. WhitneyBallet 1 (Ages 8-10)
Wednesday7:00-7:55pmBlue RoomMs. WhitneyTeen Ballet 1/2 (Ages 11+)
Tuesday5:00-6:25pmPurple RoomMs. AshleyBallet 2#
Monday7:00-8:25pmPurple RoomMs. AshleyBallet 3#
Monday/Wednesday5:00-6:25pmPurple RoomMs. AshleyBallet 4#
Monday/Wednesday3-4:55pm/5-6:25pmPurple RoomMs. AshleyBallet 5#

Technical Division Pointe
Ages 12-18
*Mandatory Co-Requisite - Ballet
Monday8:30-9:00pmPurple RoomMs. AshleyPre-Pointe#
Monday6:30-7:00pmPurple RoomMs. AshleyPre-Pointe/Pointe 1#
Wednesday6:30-7:00pmPurple RoomMultiplePointe 2/3#
Wednesday4:15-5:00pmPurple RoomMultiplePointe 4/5#

Technical Division Jazz
Ages 8-18

*Mandatory Co-Requisites for Level 2 & Higher

Ballet & Lyrical

Tuesday6:30-7:15pmBlue RoomMr. SamirJazz 1 (Ages 8-10)
Wednesday6:00-6:45pmBlue RoomMr. SamirTeen Jazz 1/2 (Ages 11+)
Tuesday7:15-8:00pmBlue RoomMr. SamirJazz 2#
Tuesday8:00-8:55pmBlue Room Mr. SamirJazz 3#
Monday8:00-8:55pmBlue RoomMr. SamirJazz 4#
Monday6:00-6:55pmBlue RoomMr. Samir Jazz 5#

Technical Division Lyrical
Ages 8-18

*Mandatory Co-Requisite for Level 1 - Ballet

Level 2 & Higher -Ballet & Jazz

Tuesday7:15-8:00pmPurple RoomMs. MaddieLyrical 1
Tuesday8:00-8:45pmPurple RoomMs. MaddieLyrical 2#
Tuesday6:30-7:15pmPurple RoomMs. MaddieLyrical 3#
Wednesday8:00-8:55pmBlue RoomMr. SamirLyrical 4#
Wednesday3:00-3:55pmBlue RoomMr. SamirLyrical 5#

Technical Division Tap
Ages 8-18

Thursday7:15-8:00pmBlue RoomMs. KalliLevel 1
Thursday5:00-5:45pmBlue RoomMs. KalliLevel 2#
Thursday5:45-6:30pmBlue RoomMs. KalliLevel 3#
Thursday6:30-7:15pmBlue RoomMs. KalliLevel 4#

Technical Division Hip-Hop
Ages 8-18

Thursday6:30-7:15pmPurple RoomMs. WhitneyKids (Ages 8-10)
Thursday8:00-8:45pmPurple RoomMs. WhitneyTeen (Ages 11+)
Thursday7:15-8:00pmPurple RoomMs. Whitney Level 3 (Ages 10+)#
Thursday4:00-4:55pmBlue RoomMs. WhitneyLevel 4 (Ages 14+)#

Technical Division AcroDance(Non-Recital)Ages 8-18
Mandatory Co-Requisites - Ballet, Jazz, & Lyrical
Wednesday6:00-6:55pmTheaterMs. MaddieAcroDance 2#
Wednesday7:00-7:55pmTheaterMr. SamirAcroDance 3#
Monday7:00-7:55pmTheaterMr. SamirAcroDance 4#

Technical Division Musical Theater
Ages 8-18

Thursday5:45-6:30pmTheaterMs. ToriMusical Theater Kids
Monday5:30-6:55pmTheaterMs. ToriMusical Theater Pre-Teens/Teens

#Requires pre-approval to enroll. Some classes have mandatory co-requisites.